Everyday Chinese

How to greet each other in Putonghua? How to order a cup of coffee or some dumplings in a restaurant? Here are some situational conversations and basic knowledge we have prepared for you. They are practical and easy to learn. You can click the links to listen to the vocabulary or the conversations. You are most welcome to tell us your comments and feedback about the online lessons.

Written by: Vivian Chan (陈燕遐), Yang Ping (杨平) and Cai Xuanhui (蔡玄晖).
Recording: Vivian Chan (陈燕遐), Shi Lili (史莉莉) and Li Cong (李丛).
English Editor: Mhairi Mackay Mack

1. Phonetic knowledge:
    Initials and finals
    Tonal Change
2. Initial-Final Combinations
3. Greetings
4. Placing an Order
5. Attending Class 6. Making Inquiries
7. Shopping 8. About Time
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