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Cantonese - Beginners


  • 港式粵語速遞 (ILC)
  • 粵語網路課堂 (ILC)
  • 《粵語一學就會》(連 2 cassette tapes)。張炳昆。(2005) (UCISPL1735 Z43)
  • 《粵語速成》(廣東話速成教材一)(連 Audio CD)。香港中文大學新雅中國語文硏習所編著。(2005) (UCI/UCISPL1735 Y84)
  • 《粵語會話一月通:廣州話〃普通話對照》(連 2 Audio CDs)。鄭宇虹編著。(1995) (UCIPL1735 Z44)
  • 《跟我說廣東話》(連 4 Audio CDs)。林怡君編著。(2004) (UCIPL1735 .L559 2004)
  • 《廣州話方言詞典》。饒秉才、歐陽覺亞、周無忌編。(2009) (UCIPL1737 R26)

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  • 《粵語速成》(連Audio CD)。香港中文大學新雅中國語文硏習所。(2005) (UCI/UCISPL1735 .Y84 2005)
  • 《香港地廣東話》(連3 Audio CDs)。Kwok-kin Chan、Chung-mou Si。(2005) (UCI /UCISPL1735 .C44 2005)
  • 《粵語(香港話)敎程》(連MP3)。鄭定歐等。(2003) (UCI/UCISPL1735 .Z45 2003)
  • 《粵普辭彙對譯小冊子》。朗文香港敎育編輯部。(2001) (UCI/UCISPL1074.8 .L362 2001)
  • 《有趣廣東話:自學初級廣東話》(連4 Audio CDs)。Susanna Ng。(2005) (UCI/UCISPL1735 .N57 2005)
  • 《廣東話速遞》(連Audio CD)。Betty Hung。(2002) (UCI/UCISPL1735 .H86 2002)
  • 《快趣廣州話》(連CD)。Catherine Au Scott。(2002) (UCI/UCISPL1735 .S36 2002)
  • No Sweat Cantonese: A Fun Guide to Speaking Correctly (with Audio CD). Amy Leung. (2003) (UCI/UCISPL1735 .L48 2003)
  • Basic Cantonese: A Grammar and Workbook. Virginia Yip and Stephen Matthews. (2000) (UCIPL1733 .Y56 2000)
  • 《3 分鐘學會廣東話》(連 MP3)。何嘉賢編著。(2006) (UCISPL1735 H444)
  • 《好玩易學廣東話》(連 4 CDs)。林怡君編著。(2004) (UCISPL1735 L565)
  • 《即學即用廣州語》(連 MP3)。何嘉賢編著。(2006) (UCIPL1735 H4484)
  • 《流行粵語快速入門:學廣州話的超快捷方式》(連 MP3)。林怡君編著。(2006) (UCIPL1735 L566)
  • 《香港旅行會話》(連 4 CDs)。何嘉文編著。(2005) (UCISPL1735 H4453)
  • 《香港話一知半解》。盧活為編。(2006) (UCI/UCISPL1740 H6 L625)
  • 《旅行達人の廣東話》(連 4 Audio CDs)。林怡如編著。(2006) (UCI/UCISPL1735 L57)
  • 《普通話與廣州話常用句型對譯》(連錄音帶)。梁雅玲。(1996) (UCIPL1731 L52 1996)
  • 《無師自通廣東話速成》。何嘉文編著。(2006) (UCI/UCISPL1735H4487)
  • 《超好學廣東話》(連 4 CDs)。何嘉文編著。(2005) (UCISPL1735 H445 2005)
  • 《廣州話俗語詞典》。歐陽覺亞、周無忌、饒秉才編。(2009) (UCIPL1739 O89)
  • 《廣東話輕鬆入門》(連 MP3)。林怡君編著。(2007) (UCIPL1735 L5624)
  • Basic Cantonese: A Grammar and Workbook. Virginia Yip and Stephen Matthews. (2000) (UCIPL1733 Y56. 2000)
  • Cantonese Express(廣東話速遞) (with Audio CD). Betty Hung. (2002) (UCI/UCISPL1735 .L48 2003)
  • Colloquial Cantonese: The Complete Course for Beginners (with 2 Audio CDs / 2 cassette tapes). Keith S.T. Tong and Gregory James. (1996) (UCIPL1733 T66 1996)
  • Elementary Cantonese (Vol. 1: Lessons 1–10) (初級粵語課本). Sidney Lau. (1979) (UCIPL1733 L35)
  • Elementary Cantonese Conversation: English-Cantonese (外國人學廣州話第 1輯) (with 2 Audio CDs). Shiu Chiu Yeung and Jenny Lee. (2000) (UCIPL1735 L44)
  • Interesting Cantonese for Beginner & Intermediate (有趣廣東話:自學初級及中級廣東話) (with 4 Audio CDs). Susanna Ng. (2005) (UCI/UCISPL1735 N57 2005)
  • Learning Cantonese through Stories: The Story of Minami (with Audio CD). Siu-lun Cedric Lee and Masumi Tanaka. (2002) (UCI/UCISPL1732 L44)
  • Listening to Cantonese: Basic Skills (with 3 Audio CDs). Philip Yungkin Lee. (2000) (UCI/UCISPL1733 L44)
  • The Right Word in Cantonese (廣州話指南) (with Audio CD). Kwan Choi Wah. (1999) (UCIPL1736 K9 1999)


  • 粵語審音配詞字庫
  • 字典網


  • 廣州話與其他方言
  • 粵語拼盤



  • “Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned.”

    Mark Twain

  • “I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught.”

    Winston Churchill

  • “The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as we continue to live.”

    Mortimer Adler

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    Vernon Howard

  • “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

    Benjamin Franklin

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    John Wooden

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    Abigail Adams

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    Henry Ford